Year 4

  • Year 4 Summer Term – CHINA


    We will be exploring:

    -The Shang Dynasty

    -Geography of China (Rivers, Deserts, Mountain ranges, plateaus, etc.)

    -Chinese culture & cuisine

    -The Great Wall of China

    -Chinese Dragons


    We will cover:

    -Formal written method for addition and subtraction

    -Formal written method for multiplication

    -Fractions & decimals

    -Measure – converting units

    -Geometry – drawing polygons


    We will be reading and learning how to write:

    -Chinese traditional tales

    -Chinese poetry

    -Information books

    -Persuasive leaflets



    Spellings will be given out every Wednesday and will be tested the following Wednesday.

    A times table will be given to practise for the week and it will be tested the following Wednesday.


    MY MATHS will be set on the computer. There will be 1 task to complete each week. It will be set on a Friday and will be expected to be completed by the following Friday.

    Another piece of homework (Maths/English/Topic) will be set on Friday and children will be given 2 weeks to complete it.


    Tuesday Afternoon – Athletics

    Wednesday Morning – Swimming

    Year 4 Whole Year Curriculum