Year 1

  • Our Topic this term – SHIP AHOY!


    In English we will be reading lots of pirates books, me ‘earties!

    Our role play area is a pirate ship sailing on the seven seas. Who knows what adventures we will have!

    We will have opportunities to do some ‘Big Writes’ about treasure islands, buried treasure and character descriptions of pirates.

    After half term we move onto information writing about creatures that live under the sea.

    In preparation for Year 2 we are really focussing on using capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, adjectives, joining words like but, when, and, so, because.


    The Year 1 Phonics Check will take place in June. If you have time to look through the phonics at the back of your child’s planner it would be most helpful. 


    We start the term using numbers up to and beyond 100. We will spend time understanding place value, reasoning about numbers and solving problems. Then it’s addition, subtraction, multiplication and division followed by money, perhaps some pirate gold! The term finishes with measurement, using mathematical language such as heavier, lighter, full, empty, half, more, less, equal.

    We continue to count in 2s, 5s, 10s and to know number bonds to 10 off by heart.


    It be pirates, it be! We will be finding out about famous pirates, creating treasure maps and putting messages in bottles. Towards the end of the term there will be a Pirate Day where you can come dressed up, ready to walk the plank and go on a treasure hunt. (Date to be finalised)

    We will find out more about the creatures beneath the sea; studying sharks, tropical fish, whales and rock pool creatures.

    Extra info

    Monday – library

    Tuesday – PE

    Friday- Spelling Test


    Reading at home at least 5 times a week, spellings each week, word grids and ‘My Maths’ set once a fortnight.

    Year 1 Whole Year Curriculum