School Council

  • Executive Committee:​

    Billie-Mae Harvey – Chairperson

    Sophie Mason – Secretary 

    Harley West – Treasu​rer ​


     Class Reps:

    Year 6 – Megan Lawson and Craig Dillon

    Year 5 – Ben Dolman and Grace Radulovic 

    Year 4 – Thuxmie Dharmaraj and Izaak

    Year 3 – Harry Cresswell and Milly Bostock

    Year 2 –   Joe Vaughan and Darcey Scott


    The school council is a wonderful opportunity for the children to have a very clear voice in all that goes on in school and they will be helping the Headteacher to report to governors on the work of the  school as well as a host of other tasks to ensure the children play an active role in all that we do.