Year 5

I have updated the gallery with your amazing pictures (please check these out and keep sending your pictures in) and I have found somenew tasks (below) including a super, arty challenge.

You can email your work and images to me at (this email address is for the purpose of sending in work and photographs only.) 

Hopefully see you all soon! Take care! Mr W xxx


Below are some activities if you wish you try something new:

1) Stoke City fan or not, I love these sporty and fun activities that you can easily complete at home. Check these out!

2) Visit the Musuem of Modern Art in New York!
A huge number of art galleries and museums around the world have digitized their collections and are now offering free virtual tours. New York’s MoMA is just one of the incredible galleries that you can visit from your own sofa, where you can enjoy Pollock and Monet without the crowds:

3) Explore the amazing Solar System!

These amazing documentaries, presented by Professor Brian Cox, go into full detail about the mysteries of the Solar System with some wonderful, never-before-seen pictures. Found the BBC I-PLAYER:

4) Missing your French lessons? Try these fun French games!

Username: frenchy5    Password:123  

*You can also access these websites are really useful for topic lessons and foundation subjects such as Science, History, Art, Geogrpahy and MFL etc. Feel free to dip in and out of these as you wish.*

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