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Homelearning for Year 5

Welcome to the homelearning page for Year 5

Now that your child is isolating for 14 days, please find guidance below surrounding the provision St Thomas’ has put into place to support you with home learning.

We are using the a range of highly accredited web resources as a means to provide students with high quality, on-line video lessons and curriculum resources.

The image below provides some 'top tips' for creating a study area at home that will help you focus:

If your child is unable to attend school, please follow the links below to access learning for Year 5.


Block A - What Are My Dreams?

We are using the text "Dream Big: Michael Jordan and the Pursuit of Excellence" by Deloris Jordan to inspire our writing during this block of learning.

You can listen to this story by following the link below.

During this block, you will produce a biography about Michael Jordan. You may want to include paragraphs about:

  • Childhood,
  • Fame with the Chicago Bulls,
  • Records and achievements,
  • Retirements,
  • Endorsement with Nike,
  • Current affairs,
  • Net worth,
  • Legacy.

Follow the lesson links below to learn more about how to do it:



In reading, we will focus on using retrieval to answer questions. 

Retrieval is an important skill to be developed by a child in school. Children have to pick out and find information from a text in order to answer questions about it. 

Retrieval is an important skill for children to learn. 

Learn more about retrieval by following the lesson links below:

Please continue to read for pleasure at home. Reading ten minutes a day can make all the difference. You may want to follow a recipe, explore a website together or curl up with a novel. There are great online audio books available too.



In Maths, we will be learning about Place Value.

Place Value is the value of each digit in a number. 

For example, the 5 in 350 represents 5 tens, or 50; however, the 5 in 5,006 represents 5 thousands, or 5,000. 

It is important that children understand that whilst a digit can be the same, its value depends on where it is in the number. 

In Year 5 pupils should: 

  • Read, write, order and compare numbers to at least 1 000 000 and determine the value of each digit.

Follow the lesson links below to learn more about Place Value:

You could also continue to be a timestable whizz by going on Times Table Rockstar.


Wider Curriulum - How might the Earth affect time?

Our first curriculum block has an Earth and Space focus. We will be studying Earth and Space and "How might the Earth affect time?" Follow the lesson links below to learn more about this topic.

Why not create a model of the Solar System, a drawing of your favourite planet, an explanation text of day and night or a poster explaining time zones.


R.E. - What does it mean if God is loving and holy?

In R.E., we will be learning about God and what it means if God is loving and holy.

  • Make clear connections between Bible texts studied and what Christians believe about God; for example, through how churches are designed.     
  • Show how Christians put their beliefs into practice in worship.     
  • Weigh up how biblical ideas and teachings about God as holy and loving might make a difference in the world today, developing insights of their own.

Watch the following links below for further information:

Why not create a PowerPoint presentation, poster or mind-map answering the key question: What does it mean if God is loving and holy?


During your time working from home:

Students are expected to:

  • Complete all set work to the best of their ability.
  • Ask questions to further their understanding.

Parents are expected to:

  • Encourage and support their children's work as much as possible - including: finding an appropriate place for their son/daughter to work, checking that set work is completed and emailed to the class email.
  • Contact the pupil’s class teacher or the school office within school hours if there are any concerns.
  • Create opportunities to test your child’s learning and understanding of the day by engaging in regular discussions/ Q&A activities.


Please email any completed work to

If you have any urgent questions about home learning provision, please contact the office via phone or email.

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