Year 4

Welcome to the Summer Term

Hello Year 4!

The weather has been a bit chillier this week and I've made sure that I've had a jacket with me when I've been for a walk in the evening. Have you noticed how the leaves are growing on the trees? I love watching how the season of spring develops as we move closer to summer!

It was lovely to speak to so many of you this week and to hear about the lovely activities that you have been up to. I'd love you to email some photographs so that I can add them to our class gallery.

Check out the new websites for you to explore below. It's a good way to go on adventures without even leaving the house.

Keep washing those hands, stay safe and have lots of fun.

Mrs Fry


Other Things To Try

Take a virtual tour to see the animals at Chester Zoo!


There are lots of activities available to try online at the Warner Bros. studio tour. What can you remember from the books you've read and the films that you have seen?


Play lots of fun games by following the lonk below.


Can you make things out of paper? Have a go at some easy origami. I wonder which ones you will be able to create.


You can find other teacher led lessons by following the links below:


Send photographs and examples of your learning to Mrs Fry to display on the class gallery by emailing:


Files to Download

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