Year 1

Hi Year 1

I hope you are all staying safe and keeping active whilst enjoying your time at home. Fergie and I hope you enjoyed our story for Charlie's reading challenge on tour. Did you guess which story we were reading? 

Unfortunately, this week the sun has decided to have a little break so I have found lots of fun activities to keep you busy. Now that we have all this time at home, could you put it to good use by learning something brand new that you could share once we get back to school? Could you learn to count to 10 in a different language? Could you become an artist with Mrs Lynn's weekly art challenge or a baker with Mr Hall's baking challenge? I can't wait to hear all about your home adventures.

I would love to see photographs of any projects you have completed from the home learning project menu. You can email these to me at . This email address is for the purpose of sending in work and photographs only.

Remember to keep active, look after your family and most importantly, be happy!

Miss you all very much!

Miss Thompson

Here is a list of websites and activities to keep you busy.

Keep active and get fit with Joe Wicks everyday Monday to Friday at 9am LIVE! There is even a chance to dress up for Fancy Dress Friday!

Can you help the Karate cats to become maths champions? Practise your maths and become a champion too!

Make sure you are practising your phonics at home. Top Marks has a range of exciting phonics games for you to enjoy at home.

Take a virtual tour of Longleat safari park! Watch out for the animals, which ones can you spot?

Also, the National Academy and BBC Bitesize websites have lots of fun activities and games for every single subject. 



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