Vision and Values

We aspire for all to achieve their God-given academic and personal potential, so that they can make a positive impact in the world. Learning for life with Jesus is at the centre of what we do underpinned by our distinctively Christian values ensuring we are wholly inclusive.

Our values are: thankfulness, fairness, forgiveness, trust and celebration

Our school will demonstrate our values by:

  • Thankfulness We aim to be a school that is thankful to God for the education and opportunities we receive, and is thankful to one another for every valuable contribution that is made to our community.
  • Fairness – We aim to be a community of fairness where we value every person, made in the image of God, regardless of age, gender, ability, background or religion.
  • Forgiveness – We aim to reflect God’s love and grace as revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, never settling for less than going ‘the extra mile’ in caring for our students and staff.
  • Trust – We aim to be a community that trusts in God, and provides a safe and secure environment in which we can trust one another so that everyone feels valued and is able to share their opinions and grow in confidence.
  • Celebration Learning for life with Jesus, we take pride in success and celebrate what we achieve together academically and creatively.