Teaching and Learning


To teach your child to read and write, we use the letters and sounds scheme. Your child has a daily phonics session which involves a variety of activities, from song and actions to games and repetition. In these sessions, your child will engage in a combination of reading and writing activities.


Our English sessions are always based around a book. The class will enjoy a range of story telling activities, for example creating their own puppet shows, drama activities and producing artwork as a result of reading a text.


In Reception, Maths is approached in a variety of ways in and out of the classroom. Your child will explore new mathematical concepts through whole class activities, small group games and activities set up around the classroom for children to engage in with a friend or independently. To support the teaching of new concepts, we use Numicon, a concrete apparatus that helps children to visualise, understand and make links between mathematical ideas.

To find out more, take a look at the PowerPoint Presentation which explains in greater detail about our approach to teaching and learning in Reception. 

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