The Parents and Staff Association is made up of a willing band of volunteers who work very hard to organise lots of activities in school to raise funds and generally help to keep the school in tip top order!

Over the past twelve months the children of St Thomas’ have benefited directly from both the events organised e. discos, Christmas and Summer fairs, beetle drives and cake sales and also from the funds raised by these events.  Funds raised have been used to generously subsidise trips to the theatre and visitors into school but have also provided the following (and this is not an exhaustive list!):

  • Beautiful bibles for our Reception Children 
  • Trophies and medals for our sporting heroes 
  • Christmas presents for all the children
  • Dictionaries for our Year 6 leavers
  • Easter Eggs
  • Additional classroom resources for each year group 
  • Playground equipment


Everyone is welcome to join the PSA – just turn up at the next meeting which will be advertised in the school newsletters.