Children will receive three pieces of homework each week: spelling, reading and maths. Homework will be issued on a Friday and will be due the following Wednesday. Please encourage your child to have a look at their homework over the weekend so they can take an opportunity to bring it back to school for some support if they need to. 

Additionaly, children will receive a homework project at the start of each term:

Autumn Homework Project

Our homework project this term will be based on our wonderful topic ‘Woeful World Wars’. I have asked the children to use their art and craft skills to make an Anderson Shelter. Anderson Shelters were used in WWII as air raid shelters to protect people during ‘The Blitz’. The construction of the shelter was reasonably simple. The main part of the shelter was formed from six corrugated steel panels. Flat corrugated steel panels were bolted on to form the sides and end panels (one of which contained the door). Junk/recyclable materials like old cereal packets and lollipop sticks are perfect for this activity but please let us know if you need anything. 

The children can bring in their Anderson Shelter whenever they are finished but the due date is Monday 5th November.