Children will receive homework every week: reading, spelling, timestables and a maths/SpaG task. Homework is issued on a Friday and due on a Thursday. Please contact me via your child's diary if you wish to raise any concerns/comments. Can parents please check and sign their child's diary every week. Thank you ever so much for your continued support.


Children are encouraged to read at least 4 times a week. Year 5 children are allowed to record their own reading but must be confident to able to discuss what they have read with an adult. It is highly recommended that parents read with their children at least once a week to deepen their child's understanding of a text (Parents will be provided with reading prompts to support this).

Spelling and Timestables

Your child will be required to learn regular spelling rules and timestable facts throughout their time in Year 5. These may vary week-to-week or every fortnight to embed learning. Children will be required to learn these spellings and timestables using the 'LOOK, COVER, WRITE' method which they use in class. In order to master their spellings and timestables, children will be asked to complete these on a daily basis and will be tested on every Friday in a spelling test and multiplication grid.

Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar/Maths Homework

The SPaG and Maths activities will work to consolidate different curriculum skills in order to get children 'Year 6 ready'. Children need to be confident with the key vocabulary so if they are unsure about a concept it would be great to look it up together, record it, and put it up somewhere where they will be able to see it and learn it. Please communicate with your Mr Woods if your child is finding the homework difficult as he will be more than happy to assist in supporting your child.