Home Learning Project Menu

The Home Learning Project Menu is designed to support and guide you in completing wider curriculum projects, bespoke to the interests of your child/children.

Children use this menu to build a project by selecting one option from each of the pages:

 Page 1 – Children will select a topic of interest. These suggestions cover a range of curriculum areas, however, your child may prefer to think of a topic of their own to form the stimulus of their project.

 Page 2 – Pick a method of presenting learning. Here you will find a range of methods to record learning, covering a range of different learning styles and interests. You will find more details in the attachments below of what these are and how to create them.

 Page 3 – Choose a source of learning. Here you will find a plethora of activities which will support children’s learning – children can pick one or a series of these to gain knowledge of their topic of interest. This page also includes a list of high quality, child-friendly websites covering different areas of the curriculum.

 By way of illustration, building a project could look like:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3



Make a model

Watch Horrible Histories

Make a model of a Viking longboat.

The ocean

Create a scrapbook

Watch a David Attenborough documentary

Create a scrapbook sharing information around the issue of plastic pollution.


Create a diorama

Research using BBC Bitesize

Create a rainforest diorama.


Produce a poster

Take a virtual zoo tour

Produce an informative poster all about tigers.

Children can send photographs and examples of their learning back to their class teachers, who will then post the work onto their class webpage ‘gallery’ and exhibit their wonderful talents, skills and ideas.  The email address for each class will be posted on the individual class home leaning pages.

We hope you have fun in designing and creating your project and we can’t wait to see the results!

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