General Information


Your child has a planner where you can record what they read at home. Your child’s reading book will be changed on a Monday and Thursday. If your child has read their book once, get them to re-read it on the following days and ask them questions about what has happened in the story and what parts they particularly liked. Also, encourage them to draw or write something to do with the book they have read.


Water Bottles

Please send your child into school with a water bottle so that they can have a drink at any point during the day. There are water cooling machines in school for your child to refill their bottle. 

Please clearly write your child’s name on their water bottle.

Water bottles will stay in school for a week. They will be sent home every Friday to be washed and then returned the following Monday.


Please ensure you child always has their PE kit in school. Reception are timetabled to do PE on Tuesdays, however sometimes we will do PE at other times throughout the week.